BỘ LỄ -Mass of Christ the Savior – Dan Schutte

Wedding Mass

Introductory Rites
? Priest, bridal party procession

–  Song:      How beautiful


? Bride entrance
–       Canon in D by Pachelbel

Canon in D by Pachelbel Sheet music

Priest Greeting

? Gloria ( Kinh Vinh danh)
–       Glory to God in the highest
Opening Prayer by Priest

Liturgy of the Word
First Reading – Old Testament
–       The two of them become one body (Genesis 2:18-24)
? Psalm
–       How good is the Lord to all (Psalm 145) Video
Second Reading – New Testament
–       Compromise- Offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God (Romans 12:1-2, 9-18)
? Gospel Acclamation
–       Alleluia ( Xem Bộ Lễ)
–       See God as source of their love, strive to retain and remain in love Remain in my love (John 15:9-12)

Address & Statement of Intentions – Answers “I have” or “I am”
Exchange of Consent (marriage vows)
Blessing & Giving of Rings
Profession of Faith (I believe in one God…)

Universal Prayer (Prayer intentions)

Liturgy of the Eucharist-Dâng lễ vật

A gift of Love-tâm tình hiến dâng– Oanh Sông Lam Xem video

? Presentation & Preparation of the Gifts – bride & groom bring forward Offertory
–       Bridegroom and bride
Eucharistic prayer
? Sanctus ( Xem Bộ Lễ)
–       Holy, Holy
? Memorial Acclamation

Communion Rite
The Lord’s prayer (Our Father)
Nuptial Blessing
Sign of Peace
? Lamb of God ( Xem Bộ Lễ)
? Communion
–       You satisfy the hungry heart

? Marian Devotion
–       Ave Maria

(Bach/Gounod) as sung by Kim Castiglione

o   Piano notes
o   Lyrics:

?Parents’ song & leis
–       Prayer for parents 2- Cầu cho Cha Mẹ (Viet & English)
Concluding Rite
Priest Blessing

? Recessional
All creatures of our God & King